About US-Puertoricans

When moving to a new country you need to explore all your options first.  You need to gather information about that country, to see if it will be to your best interest, to move there.  There might be cultural differences, religions may vary, the cost of living can either increase or decrease and the price of housing can also influence your decision.  When moving a whole family, you should research the schools and teaching curriculums.

Moving a running business create a whole lot of new questions to be answered.  Would your business encounter new sets of rules and taxes?  How about your personal taxes?  Are you going to need a new passport?

US citizens deciding to move to Puerto Rico, at least, won’t have to worry about their passports and taxes.  Becoming a resident of Puerto Rico you can also keep your American citizenship and avoid paying hefty exit taxes.  Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US and therefore you do not need a passport to travel there and generally would be free to stay on the island.

By relocating to Puerto Rico, from the US, can mean an enormous tax saving, Puerto Rico slashed its taxes on capital gains, dividends and interest to a nice Zero%, including all new residents applying for citizenship.  Being from the US, you do not need to apply for that, because you already are a citizen.