How to Organize a Successful, Trouble free Relocation

We all heard the stories of one problem after another while moving house.  There seldom appears a story about a trouble free moving experience.  The ones with the positive stories were either very fortunate or had enviable organizational skills in planning for the unexpected.  To organize a successful relocation, you should start the moving preparations well in advance.

Important preparations you can start well in advance

Pay attention to all the seemingly small, unimportant details.  Every little detail can have substantial consequences, influencing the entire moving process.

Make provision for an efficient moving budget.  You should consider all costs, including excise taxes and relocation costs, such as connecting electricity or phone lines.  Also, plan a little for extra unexpected expenses.

Start organizing your things, even if you booked a full moving service, there is still a lot you can do beforehand.  Sort out clothing and other belongings.  Everything that you do not need or use anymore can be given away or sold.  You can pre-pack small items and things with sentimental value.

Sorting out your belongings and de-cluttering your home can save a lot of time on packing and on shipping and moving costs.

You will need speciality movers for pets and plants with appropriate overnight facilities for pets.

Create a detailed inventory and make sure that all boxes are marked accordingly.  This will ensure quick and easy unpacking after arrival at your new residence.  You can also list all the serial numbers of electronic appliances, as well as the brand and type.  This could serve as proof if something should go missing or get damaged.

Remove batteries from devices that need to be packed.

Colorful battery

Clean all appliances.

Drain the fuel out of the lawnmower and do the same with all other fuel-powered tools that are going with the movers.

Keep everything that is not to be packed separately.  This should include all documentation, valuables, like jewellery, artwork, laptops, cameras and cell phones

Adopt a positive attitude towards your relocation.  Handle all unexpected problems as they appear.  Maintain a sense of humour, and see all the hard work and preparation as the beginning of a new adventure.