Moving from US to Puerto Rico

Positive realities when moving from the US to Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans are already US citizens, and because it is a commonwealth of the US, American citizens are free to stay on the island without restrictions and don’t even need a passport for travelling or moving there.  This is not the only reason US residents would find it beneficial to move to Puerto Rico.

5 Benefits of moving to Puerto Rico from the US

  1. Puerto Rico makes its own laws, including Tax laws. Puerto Rico is actively looking to attract investors and business and therefore offers mind blowing tax benefits to people moving from the US.
  2. Sunny skies and year-round warm weather make it even more attractive than just a tax haven. It is sunny almost every day, with cool ocean breezes.  No freezing cold, snowy weather, on this island!
  3. Pristine beaches, captivating landscapes and rich culture, provide a stunning place to live. There are approximately 270 miles of beaches surrounding Puerto Rico, many of which are popular spots for water sports, sunbathing and lounging.  You will find The Rainforest, a dry forest as well as a dwarf forest and the largest cave system, to explore.
  4. Quality housing is available and with all the money you will save after moving, you can select a low-cost ocean front property.
  5. Health Insurance costs much less for very good health care, even without insurance, health care is quite affordable.

In Puerto Rico, you can enjoy a low-cost living, excellent health care, modern technologies, wonderful tropical weather, beautiful landscapes, good food and insanely low tax benefits.  All in all, in moving to Puerto Rico from the US, you can only benefit positively.