Tips on Choosing a Moving Company that will best fulfil all your Moving house, needs

Firstly, you need to decide what are going to move with you, and what are going to have to stay behind.  Also, take into consideration if your move includes land and sea transportation.  It might be more economical to sell certain things, rather than shipping them, to keep costs manageable.

7 Things to look out for, when choosing a Moving Company

  1.  that regularly do moves going to the same country, or the area where you intend to move to. Look at their websites and read the feedback of persons that used the company before.
  2. Most companies give free quotes. Get your quotes and then decide on the best possible deal at the best price.  Your chosen moving company could then provide you with the best advice and actions.
  3. International rules and regulations compliance should be explained to you by your moving company. Certain items might need pre-authorisation to be moved from country to country.
  4. Excise Taxes could be charged on items such as motor vehicles. Make sure that the moving company has a list of items that might have excise taxes due.  The moving company should know what documentation and taxes are needed.
  5. You will be given advice on the best way to pack your things. Planning and packing will start about two weeks before the day of the move.  If the company is hired to do most of the packing and storage, you will still need to do some packing of your own.  The day to day use items has to wait till last minute.  Make sure that you are provided with the correct packing materials.
  6. Make sure that everything will be tracked and logged throughout the transit. Transit might take up to 7 – 14 days.
  7. Finalise all logistics and times with the company beforehand.

Most moving companies will be able to assist clients in much more than just the actual move of their possessions.  They do this every day and understand all the local laws and legal obligations that might occur.